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Light Lean (Nexus Preset Pack)

Light Lean provides you from the most recognizable sounds you hear on the radio, 

Down to the unique top indie home produced bangers.

From Various feels (ex. DJ Mustard’s signature bass) to the most memorable sounds (ex. T Pain’s Up Down Bells)

Light Lean was made to make it easier for new coming  producers to get a jump start on the production train.


Listen to the demo below

*All sounds used in the demo are from “Light Lean” Nexus preset pack. The sounds were used on the spot before release for the sakeof demonstrational purpose only.

Always be creative, Never feel Dependent on one source.

All Sound Kits are tools to step your production up, But never “the secret” to good production anytime.

Download: Light Lean

*Nexus Presets installation steps:

Go to your VST Plugins Directory -> Your Nexus 2 Folder – > Presets – > Extract Light Lean Into “Presets” Folder. Done.

Ex. C:\ProgramFiles\vstplugins\ReFx Nexus\Presets -And Extract Light Lean Here


Why So?


-We’re all familiar with the long nights “looking for that sound” or something fresh,

Or we just can buy sounds online but.

Not everybody can afford such thing, That’s why producers took it to their hands and started releasing free sounds as well.

For those who don’t know how Nexus works pretty much, It’s not the synthesizer that we’re used to.

It already comes with a sound library (That you can access, Tweak, Layer and add effects to),

But that’s why Nexus is so valuable, It’s sounds were used on hundreds of thousands of worldwide studio productions,

Great sounds out the box, Easy to use, Pretty dope actually.

So what we do as producers is gather as much familiar/”dark”/whatever the vibe of sound is and release it as a theme

and as a tool for other producers to step their production game up.

We as producers and especially newbies, Appreciated the shit out of them.


What’s left is to give back.