About – On the Wiki level of things


My name is Roman Magitman (AKA “SlimTagRo Music”), Raised in Israel to a Jewish Ukrainian mixed mother,

Started the beat journey at the age of 12, When melodies and uniqueness were the gold signature of the beats, But missed the train.

By the end of 2016, Got into the business on the weekly with high aim for the daily (Real soon).

By trial and error i will be offering beats out of the whole spectrum and mixing and mastering services

As some of you may know, It’s all about giving back and developing together so keep an eye for the “Services” tab in the future!


What do you have to offer?

-Promotion of other artists (And producers as well).
-“Popping” Beat styles/Industry trends
-Custom Beats
-Free Beats
-Drum kits
-Mixing & Mastering services AND MORE.


It’s no shame to be aware of the fact¬†that other people might sound better of have more experience than you,

Keep up the work!



God bless.

(In case you got questions.. https://slimtagromusic.com/contact )

Can’t go into details for professional reasons and choice sorry. Well maybe on Wikipedia after reaching Mayweather status.¬†